Scrum has come a long way since its inception in the mid 80’s. In thepresent day, Scrum is one of the most widely applied projectmanagement frameworks globally. Also, the widespread increase in the demand for certified Scrum Masters and Scrum Experts is a testimony to the fact that Scrum will expand its domain in the years to come.


The prevalent misconception is that Scrum is suitable for and used by only the Information Technology sector to develop software andproduct applications and services. Nonetheless, surveys done over the past decade have revealed that Scrum is, no doubt, applied most in managing software development projects; however, it is equallysuitable for and successful in fields such as Finance, healthcare, Automotive, and Construction.

The Google AdWords team uses Scrum to develop innovative features at a rapid rate.

The figure below shows that Scrum is increasingly being applied outside of the traditional IT industry. Because of the ever-evolving technology and ever-changing socio-economic conditions, project management needs a framework like Scrum, which is highly adaptable and change-friendly.

Another reason for Scrum to have become widely popular is that the size of the company is no constraint in adopting the Scrum framework for project management. The figure below shows the distribution of companies by employee count.

Distribution of companies using Scrum by Industry

Distribution of companies using Scrum by employee count

Demand for Scrum - SCRUMStudy Survey 2013


Who uses Scrum?


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